Diffusion and Connectomics
in Precision Healthcare
Research Lab

Translating brain connectivity research to the clinic


The DiCIPHR lab focuses on patient-oriented neuroimaging research, aiming to understand the association of disease related structural and functional connectivity alterations in the brain, and the symptoms. Such clinically focussed investigations are rooted in advanced mathematical and computational tools for diffusion MRI analysis, as well as multiparametric connectomics. These tools encompass processing pipelines, automated quality control and multi-site harmonization and have enabled investigations in sex differences, brain development, autism, brain tumor, and traumatic brain injury. Investigation of these clinical questions have been further facilitated by network neuroscience research in communication schemes, network reorganization strategies, as well as pre-clinical mechanistic investigations.


  • Analytics

    QC, harmonization, and processing pipelines

  • Connectomics

    Understanding brain communication patterns

  • Clinical

    Translating bytes to the

  • Pre-Clinical

    Imaging animal models of pathology