Diffusion Analytics

We are transforming the landscape of acquisition and analysis by developing state-of-the-art tools for automated quality assurance, processing pipelines for diffusion MRI and other modalities, harmonization tools for multi-site studies, and advanced statistical methods.


The brain can be modeled as a network of roads, with their traffic capacity and condition described by diffusion MRI, and traffic rules and patterns described by functional MRI. Our advanced analytics situated at the nexus of computational neuroanatomy and network science help unravel the mysteries of brain communication, and aid in biomarker discovery in this exciting field.


We have over a decade of experience elucidating neuroimaging patterns of development, sex differences and pathology using group comparisons and creation of subject-specific markers. Current studies investigate neurobiological underpinnings of brain tumors, traumatic brain injury, and autism using neuroimaging and explore novel ways to parse disease heterogeneity.

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Our work in diffusion MRI of mice and pigs seeks to establish a link between non-invasive MRI of the brain and cellular changes using animal models of pathology and techniques at the microscopic level, such as histology and 3D microscopy.